onsdag 4. mars 2009

On Resident Evil 4 playthrough chapter 2-1.

Oh so addicted..

After ending up going unconsious after being knocked about by the lake monster, one wakes up and the regular villagers starts getting some kind of tentacle/bug/scythed limbs growing on them while they get injured.. Had forgotten to run like hell away from such trash, so got mauled quite a bit on the first ones I met. Made me screech like a little girl it did.

Further on it contained another pretty standard cultist/horror cliche, secret cave behind a waterfall - though again brilliantly done, a puzzle for dummies (even I figured it out fast, and I tend to have to look over everything 3 times on weird puzzles), and having to fight surrounded - last bit I got away from fairly well.

After getting some stuff to futher the plotline from the cave, it was time for another "oh shit" fight;

El Gigante really is a suitable name.. Anyway, like the previous boss vid that makes it look so darn easy, I was knocked about like some doll, small wonder I actually finished it. All the health regen things I had picked up earlier really paid off. With the extra room in the inventory I got for chucking down herbs, I managed to buy the rifle (even though the guide said I should wait), as a sort of revenge for leaving out a notice about a bird's nest early in the game I shouldve shot to get some gem I couldve combined with something else to get a very valuable item. (It didnt mention until now, for some reason or other).

The subchapter ended with our hero Leon managing to save the girl he was out to save, a small appearance of what seems to be the evil star, some head cultist that revealed his plans in true head villain fashion, and Leon and his blonde friend narrowly escapes being shot by crossbows (how rude!), so now I have to run around trying not to shoot the one I am escorting with the TMP, I suppose.. At least the game handles escort quests better than World of Warcraft *shivers*.

Hit ratio ended up on 81% for this section of the game, while eating chips, there must be some connection between the hit ratio and eating, it seems.

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