tirsdag 3. mars 2009

On Resident Evil 4 playthrough, chapter 1-3.

Concluding the first chapter, and the first proper boss, somehow I managed to finish this without dying unlike last time..

Very fun section - back to a mix of traps, some exploring and great views, and bits of plotline unfolding.. Not to mention the big bad cthululike monsters starts revealing themselves!

Yet again the walkthrough made me earn tonnes of cash, so I am now filthy rich.. Can't say I understand the tips it is giving me on weapons, as it still says I should wait with the rifle and TMP; guessing perhaps it wants to save all the good stuff for the harder enemies and something, as it's pretty much been the same trash since the beginning up until the sea monster, which a youtube vid shows how it should be done, sadly I wasn't that good at dodging everything, but at least it gave me an excuse to eat the big fish I had in my briefcase (no wonder people get sick when you start storing raw fish in briefcases, weird japanese devs..).

Somehow the plotting reminds me a fair amount of the Malazan books - lots of enigmatic barely shows characters and themes, but only a couple of things you get to know at least something about.. Question is if the game actually wraps all of it up before it finishes, or if it does it like the Malazan books and leaves a lot hanging making you a big questionmark.

Now, wonder if I dare to play throughout the night.. After eating dinner my hit ratio went up to 84%, perhaps I should eat all the time while playing this as it almost seems related..

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