tirsdag 3. mars 2009

On Project Game Finishing, part 1.

Right, so after some grumbling, I think I shall have to copy what I am doing with books, and try harder to finish games I start on, as that part of nerd life I am even worse on than books. As with the books, I outsourced the choice of game to start with, and without any real surprise, she chose Resident Evil 4.

It seems like a pretty big game, so I think I shall have to post some observations on it during its playthrough, sadly as I play it on the PS2 I cant really fix any vids or screenshots to go with the walls of text, so skip it if devilish details on weird games or you dont want any spoilers..

Just finished Chapter 1-1; I was about to finish chapter 2 with my previous savegame, but I had seemed to miss a lot of things, and kinda sucked at the beginning, so restarting seemed like a good idea. The main thing about my impression from my last attempt was that Capcom really stick to how games in the 90s worked - lots of bonus missions, hidden things and just trying to blow up, shoot or generally check out everything is a good idea to do. And I have always hated it... So, just like the first time I ever looked through a faq/walkthrough guide (first Legend of Zelda back in the day, reason was trying to figure out where all the Heart Containers were, as I missed quite a few on the second playthrough, and was hopelessly bored running around bombing and igniting everything in the hope I might find them) I am "cheating" and doublechecking a downloaded walkthrough to see if I have missed anything, or done stupid things in the current area.

The result of this (and being a bit better at the controls) made the result of the playthrough of chapter 1-1 a better foundation for playing later on.. Lots of extra cash, health thingies and so on. And made me just enjoy the atmosphere, story and action, even though chapter 1-1 is just some kind of intro, it's just so incredibly..good. Even after having played through the section before.. But I guess getting ambushed by axe wielding crazy villagers, sweating through the old adventure "rolling stone wants you dead" trap and trying to remember to breathe while aiming for the dynamite some fanatics are trying to throw at you just never gets old. A staggering 81% hit ratio during this section too, about 20% higher than last finish, a personal shooter record for me I reckon.

..and now for more scary bits!

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