mandag 23. mars 2009

On Heroes of Might and Magic V.

Kinda like FIFA 2009, this I haven't managed to make up my mind about for a while.

The game, for all the heathens never having played any Heroes of Might and Magic game and for when I go senile, it's a turn based fantasy strategy game in part Civ light, RPG light and turn based battles light. Takes a bunch of popular fantasy creatures, divides them into factions with their own kind of towns and heroes, and then you go out trying to conquer each map with that as a start, collecting resources, items and xp along the way.

Much like a lot of games today Heroes V goes a bit backway and takes Heroes III and "polishes" it. It is pretty, the sound is amazing and just as before, the gameplay works. But as a lot of people say and I have to chime in, "it's Heroes III". When I got V it was ages since I played Heroes last time, so it didn't really matter. But in the end the "I have played this a million times before" feeling was sneaking in. Making it yet again an anticlimax.

The campaign, even though they added proper cutscenes, is like with every other Heroes game one big yawn. I played through the first two and half campaign chapters, but the scenarios was just very limited, the story was uninspiring and it just felt lackluster.

Multiplayer, mostly hot seat, is the good thing here though. But that requires a lot of time.. One evening I went over to a friend's place and played it for 5 hours, and we weren't even close to finishing the map. Back in the day when there was little competition me and a friend could play Heroes 2 and Warlords 2 (and later on 3) every evenin for a week, but more often than not even then we seldom finished it. And the game simply doesnt have enough depth to keep enough interest for long, at least for me.

So in the end, even though it has what could be called some good production values, the gameplay is just history repeating, and even though it's fun to play hot seat or the odd map, the fun just doesn't last long.

Rated: 6/10

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