mandag 9. mars 2009

On The Forbidden Kingdom.

Somehow I managed to miss out on seeing this at the cinema; it had a really short viewing period these parts for some reason, but seeing I got it for cheaper than the cinema ticket and it wasn't really that much of a big screen film anyway, the wait wasn't that much of a problem in the end.

In short, a mix of Karate Kid, Neverending Story and a very standard high adventure kung fu movie. Some american teen kung fu movie addict gets ported over to a mythic china like place, and needs to free the nemesis of the evil emperor, and become more brave and all that kinda stuff on the way there.

It's pretty bog standard; it's fun with both Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a movie, and most of the production values are done well, fights are good, there's some fairly interesting traits some of the participants have and so on, but in the end.. Felt I have seen it all a hundred times before, could just aswell have been a fighting game on a console. That being said, it had no annoyance factors eithers. Pretty much a fair enough movie to see once as good entertainment, but nothing more.

Rated: 7/10

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