mandag 23. mars 2009

On Fifa 2009.

Some things never change. Every year I get dissapointed in the new fifa game, yet I always want to give it another chance. I actually bought it back when it came out last october or whatever it was, but haven't played multiplayer in before this weekend so hadn't really made up my mind.

First of all, it has all the usual FIFA franchise traits; loads of licences, well packed in with good music, menus, loads of options and so on. And the actual game looks really good this time around.

But, it's the same old story with the actual game play. I just loathe the controls. While it was better in this edition than the last few, and EA seems to finally move away from the "the player in the focus, not the ball" thing they have had going, it still is annoying to play it properly, and how to score and so on is still incredibly dull - when it goes in it always looks epic, some places you shoot it tends to always go in, and so on. And how the players move, including their statting (even mediocre strikers seem to always outpace defenders and midfielders even with the ball) ends up making playing it very frustrating.

It's most likely the best FIFA since 96 or something I have played (96 I really liked, for the record, but then it didnt have much competition), but when it's only worthwhile playing for short periods of time in multiplayer without it ending up being annoying, it still doesn't cut it.

Rated: 4/10

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