onsdag 18. februar 2009

On The Stormcaller.

A book by Tom Lloyd, a mix of high fantasy, with some "modern" fantasy traits where even the heroes are very flawed. It's some kind of known fact it seems that everyone that likes Joe Abercrombie likes Tom Lloyd, after reading this one I can't really say I agree to that sentiment.

The world the book is set in could easily be the Warhammer world or some sort of D&D setting - at some points reading the book it felt like reading some kind of rpg script actually. And like so many other fantasy series these days, it focuses on a lot at the same time; like introducing HEAPS of characters, lands, gods, magic and culture. The book, not even 500 pages long, also spends more time on delving on magical items (to the point it feels like everyone has some super duper item and the whole "magic and mystery" feeling is gone and it could just aswell just be dropped), there are several battles, though since you don't really end up knowing anything about anyone it really lacks the drama (especially since it generally boils down to general supernatural things happening, the hero doing some incredible thing AGAIN and so on) and tension to make it something worthwhile reading.

I suppose it might work if it is going to be a loads of books, so you get fed bits and pieces and get a relationship to the characters and factions around to care more. In a way, it reminds me of Robert Jordan. RJ spent heaps of pages on pretty irrelevant details and character development; TL spends his pages on irrelevant details and plot progress. So both end up lacking something in the end.

That being said, it's not a horrible book, it works as easy entertainment pretty well. Though I am not sure whether to read other Twilight Reign (which is the series this one is in) books or just skip them, time will tell.

Rated: 6/10.

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