tirsdag 17. februar 2009

On Samurai Showdown.

My fav game 10-15 years ago, possibly the sole reason I got the snk collection. The first fighting game that had loads of different buttons, weapons, and a lot more violence than what I was used to.

And it really delivered this time, even after all this time. Loads of characters (opposed to the other fighting games from SNK tested so far), most of them has loads of character in em, loads of cheesy lines and fancy moves. It also has the modern arena involvement, spectators throwing in food, bombs and gods knows what. The graphics are pretty horrid, but for some reason it does look a bit better than the other two fighting games tried so far.

Will prolly play this over Tekkens and such in the future the times I need a fighting game fix...

Rated: 7/10.

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