tirsdag 10. februar 2009

On Reccommended Stuff.

Since I issued that bookban, and I can't really buy or even check out (lest I be tempted to buy it) stuff, I shall have to keep a list, most of all as a sort of who to blame for certain books if I aren't happy with em, hah (ok, not strictly serious there).

Most important reccomendations from myself obviously:

-The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy by Martha Wells (added February 10th 2009)

Reccomended by the Dragon:

-The Name of the Wind by Pat Ruthford (added February 10th 2009)

Reccomended by Psychette:

-All things Gaiman (added February 10th 2009)
-Atlantis by David Gibson (added April 19th 2009) [I am sure I have heard of that one before..]

I'll update this once I remember more stuff people have said is good, or when I find the paper on which I wrote some old suggestions.. God bless internet for not having to worry about archiving paper properly.

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