tirsdag 17. februar 2009

On Art of Fighting.

The ultimate test of "is this really as good as I remember it as" is going on these days, with SNK Arcade Classics firmly locked in the PS.

First one I tested properly for some reason - I could barely remember even playing it, on some arcade machine during a summer vacation, prolly because I had been nerdstarved for over a month, this was sooooo good.

Playing it again now.. I'd like to claim insanity. This is truly horrid; ok, it's old, so the graphics, sound and so on is of course outdated. But oh my god, everything else. Few characters to choose from at the get go, the feel of the game just doesnt sit right, and for a fighting game the moves aren't really that interesting. Very possibly the worst game I have played in years.

Rated: 1/10

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