tirsdag 20. januar 2009

On Shadow of the Colossus: First Opinions.

Yes. Another one of my cheap buys (this one used, as the original shipment seems to get sold out and never came back), adding yet to the amount of heap of games for the "outdated PS2" that I intend to finish. Hah!

A taste of things:

I have yet to make up mind if I should call this a puzzle platformer or an action game - or both. In a minimalistic story, you are some unknown guy (though seemingly being some kind of royalty) that arrives at some remote temple with a dead girl, and after getting in touch with some form of deity, strike a bargain that you will do what it asks, and it will bring back the soul of the dead girl, no matter what the cost to you will be. (In other words, a very very basic adventure tale). The tasks you are given is simple - 16 giant colossi that are avatars of some kind of idols or perhaps gods, needs to be destroyed for the deity you have bargained with to resurrect your girl. Again, a pretty standard task.

What makes it different is.. No time sink features! After the bargain is struck (and the intro video is over) you get told what colossi is your target, and you go out to chase it. There are no other creatures but you and the colossi around - no other people (thus only the mini intros the deity gives you on your opponents is the only "dialogue" in the game), no trashmobs that you need to spend ages to kill to get to the interesting bits, and only a short ride that so far hasnt really taken a lot of time, and voila, you get to the fun bit, of dealing with giant adversaries.

Different from other games that couldve used the same tasks, story and setting - your character is what is given to you, there is no weapon upgrades, xp to earn and abilities to decide on. You have a small sword (that you use as a homing device to find out what direction you need to travel to find your current foe), a bow and a horse. You have a healthbar as usual, and perhaps the main thing, a stamina meter. All fight I have been in so far involves mostly jumping, climbing and hanging onto big hulking foes - but you are pretty much human (except being able to fall from really high heights) and need to rest every now and then from all the strenous activity. Which makes it a refreshing change, at least for me, that tends to spend way too much time never being able to decide on how to set up the character, or brute my way through content.

The game is REALLY casual play friendly - you can start the game, and focus on one foe, perhaps beat it, save right after, and can then just turn it off again. Fail, turn off, and you can pretty much just start where you left off anyway. I have to say I love that. You get fed quality, and the designers doesnt try to fill it up with crap to make it last longer (COUGH EA COUGH) and thus derive it from the experience you are getting.

It is also a very arty game - both the visuals and sound is extremly good. I havent really seen any of the new generation consoles put out anything as good in that direction yet, which I find kinda funny too..

I am guessing I will finish this before all the other projects at the moment..

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