søndag 4. januar 2009

On Resident Evil 4: First Impressions.

Gotto love having an old console, the amount of gems one can get for really low prices is astounding.

After hearing all this good stuff about the Resident Evil games, and liking some of the movies, when I finally found a copy in a shop, I had to get it.

It is pretty much a horror game, with a focus on action rather than the other focus of sneaking around hiding and puzzling; I would've thought it would be zombies and umbrella corp and all those things I knew from the movies, but this game seems to have stepped away from all of that, and has picked up on a more.. Cthulhu (if I ever type that right, the Old Ones will most likely come up from the sea to give me backrub, I just know it!) feel - things in the depths, cults in the countryside and otherworldy monstrosities, the works in other words. A gameplay vid that sums up pretty much how it is played:

I have never really been into the whole 3d shooter scene, so I was a bit sceptic at first. But it doesnt really play like say, Quake, Doom or CS - you are way less agile, you get blindsided a lot, so it feels more tactical than being overhumanly dashing like in the games I never really liked. Still, I cant say I am much good at it, and it will prolly take ages to finish as I need to retry several places a fair bit to get past them. Don't mind that - it's not annoying challenging, its entertaining challenging, which like heaven or hell really.

It's mostly a mood game too - I mostly just play it either when I get home from work late, and sit up during cold winter nights and shiver at the game and the temperature, or during antifrustration days of gym first and then come back home being nearly knocked out and just get some action fed to me to take my mind off everything else. So it will most likely last a while..

So far the plot has been rather good, the controls are nice once one get accustomed to it, and has more immersion and plot than the movies, so it has all the potential of being a quality game, more than an addictive time waster.

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