lørdag 24. januar 2009

On Heart of Darkness.

I am hopeless when it comes to finishing classics.. This rather small book of about 100 pages I started reading in august 2008, so it took me almost 6 months to finish, says enough doesn't it?

This book, by Joseph Conrad, was first published in 1899. And is even more depressing than White Tiger. The story is about a sailor/sea captain's journey into Africa during the days when Europe was being the definition of evil overlords. He is hired to travel upriver to meet a man named Kurtz, an ivory hunter/trader. During the journey he pretty much sees a lot of bad things (to not spoil anything) and how deep mankind can sink. Doesn't really give a positive light on imperialism, nor what man turns into when going over the edge..

Like most other classics, I find the language used rather.. Theatrical and over the top. But on the bright side, in such books one never encounters bland, bad and boring writing. For even such a short book, you get to know them a fair bit, and they "fit", and he gets the point across without having to use 600 pages on things you'd rather not read about (coughSwordofTruthcough), so phew. The real question is: since this is not entertainment, did I get anything out of reading it? I am not really sure.. I don't really think I think of any of the characters and the views on imperialism is pretty much like a lot of what has come forth other places.. Had I read it in 1899, it might've been another experience, however.

Rated: 7/10

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