lørdag 24. januar 2009

On Død Snø.

..or Dead Snow as it would be in english.


A norwegianised zombie splatter movie, simple eh. A bunch of medical students go on a holiday to some cabin, only to get in trouble with some nazi zombies. The usual contents, like lots of gore (as usual too excessive on that account for my taste, weird as it sounds with my choice of culture), witty dialogue and cheesy elements. Some of it I got a feeling of "this tastes like a Tarantino movie", at other times it was pretty much archnorwegian. I doubt there could be a made a better norwegian version of a zombie splatter, however.

The characters are funny, of course it's mostly the usual cadre of young actors that plays them, but it didn't feel like they were there, so both the script and the actors did their job. The action scenes were always funny or scary (depending on what was intended). Dialogue worked very well. And the scenery was perfect for this type of movie.

The only thing I wish was better, was that it could've toned down some of the splatter (mostly as some of it started to get repetitive after a while) and the sound bit sometimes was a bit weird, when the actors are all using some kind of dialect, and it's a struggle to hear what they are even saying at times (even when the audience was silent) it's pretty annoying. Not sure anyone else had that experience, so I might plead temporary hearing problems, but I doubt it..

Rated: 8/10

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