søndag 11. januar 2009

On The Day The Earth Stood Still.

...or The Day The Turkey Stood Still.

The movie is a variation of an alien invasion movie; some kind of superior extraterrestial shows up, mankind will have to deal with it, and will they wipe out the human species?

In short, everything that can be done wrong in a movie happens in this one. The story and depth was extremly shallow, the special effects were mostly some kind of lighting that the characters in movies go all "ahh oohhh" with their mouths open over (and in 10 years you laugh at how stupid it looks), at the end you end up wondering "what did this movie really contain". It's THAT dire...

When going out from the cinema, I was wondering what other movie could be considered as horrible as this one. Deep Impact was the first that came to mind - the guy I saw it with said it reminded him of the horrible War of the Worlds remake, that one is pretty spot on too. In a choice between watching this or Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing, I'd actually hesitate, at least the latter two is well made, even if they are annoying as hell. And I doubt I could insult any sci fi flick more.

Don't see it unless you are after something as quacky as a scientology version of noah's ark, or something like that.

Rated: 1/10

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