onsdag 3. desember 2008

On WotLK: First Impressions.

Yes, yes. I started yet again after quitting. I change my mind all the time and should be beaten with an icecold teaspoon. And so on and so forth.

Mostly started again because it doesnt really have any competition for the times at odd times of day when one ends up really bored, and can't be bothered to use your brains to try to do something sensible or that requires much effort, like watching tv, mostly, but with WoW you know what you will get, instead of turning the TV on wanting to watch footie or CSI and just get romantic comedy movies and soap operas.

So I ended up playing Wrath of the Liche King, second World of Warcraft expansion.

Just to build up under the "I am horrible to change my mind" line of though, before wotlk came out I was all "meh" and "grr" and most other states of mind that can sum up my not very tempted feel of ending up having to level and do quests of the "gather 10000 fins from murlocs without fins" or "kill this very rare mob, while 5000 night elves called Legolars, Lêgölas or similiar are camping the spawnpoint" for hours on end to be able to do PvP and do the odd instance again.

Obviously Blizz wanted to make my statements and feeling plain wrong, at least that is my experience so far with the expansion.

To start with the questing, this is what have surprised me the most. The quests are still pretty much the same, kill x mobs, gather y objects from killed mobs, travel half the world to deliver a letter of some kind, but the developers have made most of them have some kind of interesting way of doing it. For example, one quest that seems pretty basic at first, is that you go plant some device in an area and are supposed to kill things that pop up for a short time. Its a quest amongst thousands, with no real importance it seems, so its a good surprise when you put out the object, and some npc spawn to feed you with some comments and so on for some light entertainment while you kill your billionth easy to kill mob in the game.

A lot of the quests, especially hordeside, I find very fun. And want to do more than once, actually. So bravo Blizzard, you really did that part of the game well this time around. Just a shame the Alliance doesn't have a proper faction within it that are like the Forsaken, suppliers of the proper quests in WotLK.

Instances have so far been in the big letdown for me. Not done all yet as I am a slow lvler, but having done what, half of em, there is only one instance I've really liked. They are all pretty short this time around. From what I understand, that way is pretty popular amongst a lot of players - can do instances without wasting a night, for example. For me it just feels like doing a group quest without having to compete with others for the spawn. The Old Kingdom at least had some proper bossfights, one that is pretty hard without good dps, for example, while the others are very well handled themewise. Most other bosses so far has been very meh. There is a steady stream of blue upgrades as one goes through the game, but I don't really care all that much about it, so I dont count it as a positive for it to be easy to earn all sorts of upgrades in any way.

Not raided yet either, but seeing as all raid content even on my slack realms was completed almost at once, and lots of content have even been puged, it looks like the "tailored for braindead" raiding after the last patch in the Burning Crusade is on still. I will try it out to give it a final verdict at some point, but won't bother doing it if isnt rewarding in the difficulty sense. Can just aswell go play God of War on some insane difficulty instead if I want to bind myself to some hours of play some nights a week.

As for looks, I find it a bit amazing how good looking they have made it. The game is getting old, but they are using the grahpics they put in for all its worth. And even the basic green gear this time around doesnt make my eyes bleed unlike the things you had to wear during Burning Crusade.

It's a bit shamefull, but I haven't properly PvPed since WotLK released.. But since the new arena season haven't started yet either, I couldn't have ended up with a verdict on that anyway. Currently it looks like I will just go for Battlegroud Achievements - and will most likely just be in teams with Death Knights - standing offer for several of my characters to play with people's PvP Death Knight alts. Friend of mine had an Alterac Valley containing 36 horde Death Knights on his side, it makes me wonder if blizz wants WoW to end with every player playing Death Knights in arena until everyone goes bored and starts playing Diablo 3 instead.

So currently the questing is keeping me entertained. I won't rate it until the new arena season has started and I get to finish all the dungeons, but at least it seems it will still be good at what it does best - a substitute for TV.

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