onsdag 3. desember 2008

On Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

This movie had eluded me for a long time until it was shown on the only proper TV channel these parts the other night. Mindless action containing undead is a proper movie to waste a night with, in my world.

I had seen the first one and the latest one, Extinction before seeing this one. They were pretty different to say the least - so I was wondering what this one would be like. It was more like Extinction that than the first one - more generic "City in the grip of chaos and roving zombies" than "Alone, afraid and something is around the corner" type of movie. I am normally a bit more of a fan of the latter type of zombie movie, or movie containing something bad evil and supernatural perhaps I should call it. Basically Umbrella corp is being nasty again, and wants to test some stuff they have come up with on our poor heroes, and they have to fight their way out.

The story on the surface is pretty typical. As I havent played any of the games these movies are based on, I think I am missing the details (or lack of details?), or things that games that can be deeper have included. There arent really much indepth about any of the characters, except stereotyping them, and throwing em out into the thick of it. The only "proper" storybit in it, was some flashbacks to number 1, that I barely remembered at some point during the movie. But these kinds of movies doesnt really need a deep story, do they?

The action was.. fair. It didnt have any hopelessly annoying action sequences, nor did it have any that blew my mind away. Baddies fairly representative, but didn't really get em all that much, or got impressed too much to make it memorable.

As for acting, it was again typical for such a movie, and it didn't have any dialogue that will stick in my head for a long time either.

It was all in all fair entertainment, but not much more. The first Resident Evil movie was different and was generally more interesting, while Extinction felt more well made - I'd rather see one of those again, and will most likely remember them more fondly than this one.


I really should try to play the games...

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