onsdag 3. desember 2008

On Quantum of Solace

How long since the last James Bond was out? 2 years? Sometimes it seems there is always a new James Bond out during fall.

Casino Royale was a well made spy entertainment movie in my eyes, so this one had something to live up to. And in short, it didn't really. It retains the more gritty feel compared to Bonds pre-Casino Royale, which I kinda like, and take on a "plausible" plot that is modern, some good looking girlies, explosions and cars. The usual stuff, in other words. It's not really a lot to say about it the actual story, it doesn't really have any twists, and it is kinda shallow, much like most Bond movies. In fact I don't think I've ever raised an eyebrow over any Bond story, ever. This one is about natural resources, and is fairly well handled, but nothing fancy.

The action is ok, well done in several places, but it doesnt have anything that is as good as the opening sequence in Casino Royale, for example.

What wasnt any good at all, was parts of the script. There wasn't a single typical funny Bond comment during the entire film. It didn't even have Q and the small oneliners that would bring out a chuckle. Or good duels of words between Bond and the badguys. NOTHING. Which was kinda sad, really...

So I reckon that I will remember it as "The Bond movie with no wit", which is saying something. It was worth the cash for the ticket, but I wont ever get it on dvd and will most likely not bother watching it on tv if it airs.


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