onsdag 3. desember 2008

On Kasabian: Release that bloody album, argh!

When it comes to slight annoyances that can easily turns into obsessions, is when some bands or artists starts handing you crumbles of something, and you just want them to finish what they start, like an album or a proper release of something. Supposedly Kasabian will give out an album with these two songs next year, and if the rest is anything like these, I'll be happy for a good long while when I get my hands on it. Pity it won't be out soon... Nothing is too soon, yesterday is too late!

That one is Fast Fuse, the next one is Thick as Thieves.. I am hard pressed to decide which one I like better - it's like deciding between Pepsi and Popcorn, you want both!

Gief a concert somewhere close too, for that matter..

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