onsdag 12. november 2008

On Wrath of the Liche King.

You wont be seeing me bother with it anytime soon, thats for sure. Cancelled the sub again, time will tell if I am finally free of the WoW Curse.

What will I do instead of wanting to chop up gnomes and chill with a fishing rod and whine in guild chat about everything when coming home from work you ask? Whine to others mostly, I guess (poor people on msn).

I doubt I will get assaulted by books like The First Law again anytime soon - so I am fixing my eye on a TV - gaming hybrid. Picked up a sort of CSI addiction (not yet being able to say what spinoff I like best) and trying to clear chunks off several PC games in various states of claiming "ancient game"; Fallout, Sacrifice and Heroes of Might and Magic V.

None of them really keeps me "addicted" for long however. Fallout is from erm, before 2000 at least (97 or so perhaps?) is an apocalyptic rpg game (Fallout 3 is just out, so its still going strong) that has several lovely aspects, but to use a Nabette term: it makes my eyes bleed. Sacrifice is mostly a real time strategy game, with added rpg elements - you are a wizard wandering around hiring yourself out to squabbling gods, and your units are summoned in from converted souls of slain enemies, that you order around you in a third person perspective. It still looks good, even if its from 2000, but its hard, is problematic to alt-tab out to chat on msn or serve as small breaks and so on - and somehow it doesnt have a pageturner - it doesnt push my liking over the edge so I just have to play one more map and one more map.. Heroes V I was very addicted to a short while - it is pretty (from 2006, I believe), good old fashioned turn based strategy game, the only negative thing is - the campaign is utter crap. Boring maps, annoying unoriginal badly handled story, and so on. So it boils down to playing one off maps and just play around with the factions - even though its fun it missed the progressfeeling.

So the search continues. Somehow I doubt it will end until Diablo 3 is released..

2 kommentarer:

Kudi sa...

Jeg skjønner ikke hvordan du kan være usikker på hvilken spinoff du har som favoritt.. Det valget burde da være veldig enkelt? Eller?

Oguleth sa...

Har til nå sett 1,5 miami episoder, og halvt sett på en NY episode, ikke akkuratt noe grunnlag å foreta et valg på :)

Selv om alle sier Miami stinker i forhold..