fredag 14. november 2008

On Mark of Chaos / Battle March.

Last few days I have spent my get home from work time on playing Warhammer Mark of Chaos with its expansion Battle March. In lack of a better term, I'd call it a real time strategy game, though it is without any resource management. It resembles the Total War games more than for example Warcraft or Starcraft; you get a linear story, you just do the battles as you would do in for example Rome: Total War, but instead of managing cities and whatnot outside the battles you get some gold after each one, that you can spend on reinforcing units you lost during battles played, get new ones, upgrade gear and so on.

Due to me being a fanboi of most things relating to the Warhammer IP, I have tried playing this game several times just because of the setting, the looks, everything like that. This game has never really caught on however.. First of all, it HAS to be compared to a game over a decade old, Shadow of the Horned Rat and its sequel, Dark Omen. Both of them played pretty similiar, but after even so much time they do most things way better than this does, except of course the pretty stunning graphics.

Mark of Chaos and Battle March is pretty fun at the start, when the missions are kinda new and refreshing compared to other strategy games, but after a while you notice its just the same over and over again. The story is so hopeless I hope someone did a /headdesk over having to actually release the product as it is. Even with the sense of continuity you get with having heroes level, you get attached to your units and so on, the amount of stuff you can do with them and choose as abilities is the least interesting I have ever seen aswell. Most factions have pretty similiar unit layouts that serve the same use, difference if units are big and weak individualle or small and better, but not that big a noticable difference. Having Error Boyz, erm, Arrer Boyz from the orc as a core unit to make things work, or axe throwers for chaos, it alienates itself from the game it is supposed to take after. In the end it just turns up bland and dull, and uninspired.

The only reason I got hooked on it, I think, is because of my fanboiism. I'd most likely put it away after 10 minutes after trying it the first time. Now it lasted perhaps 10 hours, and I doubt I will bother with it again. Stay away is my advice to anyone else..


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