lørdag 8. november 2008

On the dying days of the Burning Crusade.

Like a few million other people (11 last time I read anything about it), I am beating a pretty much dead cat the last week right now. That's right, World of Warcraft.

When the expansion came out, like 2 years ago, it was a fresh wind of gaming, really, and combined with working it made the days pass away rather quickly, with grand schemes of doing everything that was possible. At some point raiding and all that jazz got pretty damn dull, and it ended up being mostly messing around and playing it because I never got around to finding any other games that was equally good at burning boring spare time with. But there were still challenges and whatnot, so its was still a game. Not long ago, however, Blizzard changed mechanics and whatnot removing most of that. The proof was today, being dead tired (days off sometimes seems more tiresome than the days one works), I ended up in the Black Temple.

It was mostly a guild run with a pretty large amount of people I have played with at several points during the long wow years, with perhaps half the raid group made up of random friends people knew it seemed like. There were even people in green gear in the group, and several (like me) hadnt been inside ever. During what, 2 hours or so every boss bar 2 (illidari council and illidan) was down, no wipes, and some of it felt like playing yatzee with fugded dice, really. Oh well. It was still nice to see the place, and even most of the architecture was dull, the above pic was a pretty damn nice part of an instance. It makes me wish I had tried that boss (Mother Shahraz or something) before everything got so easy though, pretty interesting voice acting and abilities, so it showed that there are still things worth playing for. They are doing Illidan tomorrow, but since I am working I am losing my chance to see it this time around. But at least some game boss myths wont die..

The only other thing that have made me play the last couple of months was the achievements addition, especially during the middle of the night when it was impossible to get some sleep, randomly doing stuff that required no brain activity is a nice option for doing something.