lørdag 8. november 2008

Before They Are Hanged.

Nothing like finding books you cant get enough of, is there? In this case, I devoured the second book of The First Law trilogy almost as fast as the first one, only reason I didnt read it as fast was because I avoided accidentally not sleeping at night.

Book is built up around the same as the first, pretty much the same characters (though perhaps a few more you get a viewpoint from, cant say), and the story still revolves aroudn your typical quest fantasy stuff like some band chasing after something to "save the world", while others need to defend a city, or hang around in the wilderness to fight running battles, and so on. The main difference from the first book of course, is that it doesnt really need to introduce anyone - dont need lots of time for the shallow descriptions and chapters and so on, twists and character development is abound. The feeling of noone is safe kinda twists like so many other fantasy books have these days is also present, thankfully.

Underway in this book I started to figure out why I liked the style of it and the previous so much; even though you could call it a "modern" fantasy novel/trilogy in how everything is done (perhaps call it more adult than they used to be), it reminds me of so many old school things. The Warhammer world from a decade or two back, where everything was grim instead of the quasidark warhammer of today. All the resemblances to some of the rpg groups (group full of barbarians mostly, but also what feels like a nod to poor wizard apprentices and berserkers) I've played/gmed. Some old games too, for that matter, Myth: The Fallen Lords especially. It bears resemblence to a lot of stuff like that, which is so incredibly good in my book. Not only that, but this feels new and fresh on top, and more of what I normally want in an entertaining book.

It was damned good blast of a book to read, and considering I am normally a fan of the second book in all trilogies, this one might be the best second I have read so far. To whine about something (I always do, afterall), is that it DOES miss a certain something, like a truly remarkable character, place or catchphrase or something, even some bad and obvious philosophic statement that sticks after reading it. Like, something that keeps it in your head years from now. But demanding stuff like that is perhaps a bit too harsh on a book based on fast paced entertainment like this one is..

Though I might never look at banking the same way again in fantasy after the ending, so it might even contain that certain something.. :)

Rated 9/10.

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